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last update: August 25 2005

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August 25 2005

T A T O R T !

The years stumble away - finally some news again! Almost one year after my last activity (in the Grey Area) I'll play some DJ sets on

O c t o b e r   0 8   2 0 0 5

in the Gloria, Regensburg, at the TATORT event! As last year, this will be a collaboration again, this time with the DJ's clone137 and vomito7. You can find admission and route information on the official web site.


official web site

Furthermore, now you can have a look - with a delay of almost 11 months *g* - at the play list of my DJ sets of the Grey Area party last year!


 August 27 2004

1 0    Y E A R S   G R E Y    A R E A !

Almost four years I successfully resisted all efforts to lure me back behind the turntables (or what's left of them nowadays). This time has now an end! On

O c t o b e r   0 9   2 0 0 4

the 10 year anniversary of the

G R E Y   A R E A

will take place in the CULT Club in Nürnberg - where I will perform as guest DJ.

Flyer & location plan (text version)

City map

Some remarks for the interested reader:

  • This party takes place exactly five years after my first event in the Ohrakel and almost exactly four years after my last there. Absolutely by chance, of course.
  • At first glance, this announcement may look like a discrepancy to my final statement – although four years old, it's still valid for me in all of its points. But my desire to spread a certain kind of sound to the people wants to be satisfied once more, and I can imagine very well that, in the Grey Area environment, this can lead to a greatly enjoyable evening.
    Furthermore, I'm still in good hope that some people who appreciate this kind of music can pull themselves together one more time – but that remains to be seen!

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