October 10 2000

The Mission Is Terminated

After the very successful party Vade Retro (which I found one of the most enjoyable for years), Ragnarok is finally terminated.

A last statement can be found on this page.


June 21 2000
Front Cover
Front Cover

· v a d e · r e t r o ·

Vade Retro. Go back. Back to the roots. With this event I'll try to go a bit back in time, both sound-wise and in the style of the invitation. Prepare yourself for this flower of autumn.

The invitation is available in gold and silver. Its design reminds a lot of June 93, which was my first solo party in the now legendary Ballroom Esterhofen. So the cycle is now finished.

January 06 2000
Front Cover

· r a g n a r o k ·
· h a s · c o m e ·

After the great success of the last party Rise Again - Rule Again, I can present you the next event: ragnarok has come. This event will take place in spring 2000 (when the may rain comes...).

Further information can be obtained here.


  October 18 1999
Rise Again - Rule Again was a very successful and enjoyable party. The new location turned out great and many visitors from across Europe appeared.

A playlist for this event is available too.


  June 03 1999
The framesets have been reworked a bit, which should improve the visual appearance of these pages at higher screen resolutions.
The archive of old invitations has been updated. All invitations are now completely included. Additional information is available for each party. I'm not too sure if anybody cares about this, but at least I do.


  May 25 1999

Ragnarök now has its own domain name: ragnarok.de. Please update your bookmarks. The old e-mail addresses are still valid for now.


May 14 1999

· r i s e · a g a i n ·
· r u l e · a g a i n ·

The era of the legendary Ballroom is over, but a new era dawns. I managed to find a great new location, so Ragnarök will continue for now. A location which fits Ragnarök perfectly and is reachable easily from everywhere within Southern Germany. The next event will take place in autumn this year.

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