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...in order of appearance:

Ensemble Micrologus Stella Nova
Sol Invictus Angels Fall
The Moon Lay Hidden "Novum"
Haus Arafna Last Dream Of Jesus 7"
Sonar vs. Muslimgauze Panorama
Dead Can Dance The Trial
Sisters Of Mercy Kiss The Carpet
Christian Death Resurrection
Current 93 The Final Church
Hagalaz Runedance Behold The Passionate Ways Of Nature
Controlled Bleeding Tormentor's Song
Kirlian Camera Eclipse v.1994B
Esplendor Geometrico Moscú Está Helado
De Fabriek Leichenlinie Track #08
White Hospital Transfer 15
Genocide Organ Vive La Guerre
H Bomb White Noise Modern Destroyed
Virgin Prunes Pagan Love Song
Bauhaus Lagartija Nick
Wipers Window Shop For Love
Poeta Magica Morrigu's Song
Test Dept. Gododdin 12"
6 Comm Neiflheim (Ragnarok Edition)
Nature And Organisation To You
Sol Invictus The World Turns
Ain Soph Monsalvat
Sonar Sonar
Phosgen Immortal Hate
Merzbow Crack Groove
Birthday Party Sonny's Burning
Foetus A Prayer For My Death
Fields Of The Nephilim Last Exit For The Lost
Joy Division Chance (Atmosphere)
Thomas Leer / Robert Rental Monochrome Days
Human League The Black Hit Of Space
Polyphonic Size Mode
Kate Bush Jig Of Life
Corvus Corax Douce Dame Joliet
The Moon Lay Hidden / Hybryds Madhr Track #01
Death In June Little Blue Butterfly
Sol Invictus The Killing Tide
Boyd Rice & Friends Down In The Willow Garden
Caroline K. Tracking With Close-Ups
Clan Of Xymox Stranger
Click Click Stay Out Of The Water
Haus Arafna Seven Murder
Esplendor Geometrico Heroe Del Trabajo 6
Converter Coma
Sex Gang Children Barbarossa
Swans Sound Of Freedom
Danse Society Ambition
Cure The Hanging Garden
Death In June Nothing Changes
Current 93 Imperium V
Blood Axis Eternal Soul
Hagalaz Runedance Wake Skadi
Ensemble Renaissance Laude Novelle
Klinik Hours & Hours
Front 242 U-Men
Die Form Murder, Projection
Brighter Death Now Adipocere
Eleye Modele Dirty Breaks
Whitehouse Tit Pulp
Bauhaus Passion Of Lovers
Creepers Baby's On Fire
Siouxsie And The Banshees Hybrid
Ordo Equitum Solis Animi Aegritudo
Death In June Punishment Initiation
The Moon Lay Hidden Yndalongg Track #02
Oswald Kalenda Maya
Corvus Corax Bärentanz
Hazel O'Connor Big Brother
Norma Loy Lesbische Voodoo Teenagers
Stooges I Wanna Be Your Dog
Esplendor Geometrico Heroe Del Trabajo 1
Grim Holiday
Deutsch Nepal Dentist Environmental
Christian Death Face
Lords Of The New Church Do What Thou Wilt
Sisters Of Mercy Some Kind Of Stranger
Dead Can Dance In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated
Nature And Organisation Bloodstreamruns
6 Comm Mithras
Diamanda Galas Sono L'Antichristo
Indochine L'Aventurier
Plastic Bertrand Ca Plane Pour Moi
Lene Lovich Lucky Number
Alien Sex Fiend Hee Haw
Der Fluch Werwolf
Corvus Corax Bretonischer Marsch
Edith Piaf Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien