The Mission Is Terminated
The Last Farewell

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After the very successful party Vade Retro (which I found one of the most enjoyable for years) Ragnarok is finally terminated. For those who are interested I'd like to point out the most important reasons for this decision:

  1. The audience
    In the last decade the audience did not really improve. This, of course, doesn't only affect style or outfit. Most guests which can be seen on respective parties don't seem to know their own roots. This doesn't seem strange to me - many of them weren't even born when Ian Curtis hung himself in his own kitchen. While it's not my intention to predeem the younger audience, I don't expect anything positive from a generation which seems to be educated by MTV and VIVA.

  2. Musical preferences:
    The musical preferences especially of the younger audience seem weird to me. I always disliked mass culture. But that's exactly where this "scene" is going to (and most of the organizers contribute to this - even if they could do better).
    However, I don't have the intention to confom to this "goth mainstream". Ragnarök always wanted to offer something special - and in case this is not possible anymore, it has to be ended.

  3. No innovation:
    Over the years, this "scene" always had to offer new interesting and worthy ideas (such as neo folk, industrial/noise, medieval...) which were also personal enrichments. But I can't spot any of these in the last time. No, I don't consider stuff like goth metal worthy. And nobody could explain to me yet the meaning of the term "angst pop" (yes, I do know a certain record called Auto-Da-Fe).
    A possible (and in my opinion desirable) step could be the return to the musical roots. But that's probably foredoomed because of 1.) and 2.).

  4. Missing spare time:
    My spare time is rather scarce, compared to former years. It isn't possible anymore to organize parties every quarter. Thus, it's more difficult to familiarize the audience with rather unknown sounds.
    Furthermore I haven't got the leasure to attend parties with incresingly boring / mediocre music (and comparable guests) in order to spread my invitations.

  5. Political irritations:
    The political disputes - which also take place in this "scene" - are very irritating to me. It may be understandable that all those Douglas Pearce lookalikes which seem to breed these days are quite annoying to some people. However, I don't have any interests in political discussions. But I am consternated by the fact that grown-up people (well, more or less) are prohibited to attend certain concerts (at least I can't accept this restriction of my personal freedom).
    This fact may not have caused the end of Ragnarök, but neither did it improve my mood these days.

All this doesn't mean that I reached this decision easily. Vade Retro was a very enjoyable party. And I'd certainly still like to just do some interesting parties for cool people. But the sign of the time is unmistakeable.

Maybe some of you are offended by these lines. So what. I spoke to various persons about these thoughts in the last months. Most of them agreed after a very short time.

Finally: I had a great time! I'd never want to miss it. My thanks go to all people who supported me, resp. endured my obsession ;-). And, of course, to all guests who enjoyed some interesting music.

Nonetheless, these pages will still be reachable under the domain - at least for quite a while. I can't get familiar with the thought some freak may be grabbing my domain.