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Blood Axis Brian Boru
Dernière Volonté Mon Merçenaire
Death In June Hail! The White Grain
Sixth Comm Doubt To Death
Current 93 Rome For Douglas P.
Allerseelen Santa Sangre
Divtese Unknown Knowledge #01
Simon Schall Die Fehlfunktion
Throbbing Gristle What A Day (Live)
Cindytalk Everybody Is Christ
Clock DVA Eternity (Ballard)
Nocturnal Emissions No Sacrifice
Danielle Dax Hammerheads
Ostara Hammer Of Ages

Der Blutharsch Time Is Thee Enemy 7"
The Moon Lay Hidden Were You Of Silver  #03
Dernière Volonté Ma Foi Est Mon Combat
Ain Soph Cuore Nero
Of The Wand And The Moon Raven Chant (Live Version)
Nature And Organisation My Black Diary
Changes Waiting For The Fall
Blood Axis Wir Rufen Deine Wölfe
Poeta Magica Morrigu's Song
Omnia Morrigan (Edited)
Maria Zerfall Der Befehl
Haus Arafna Holocaust
Thorofon Nick R. Death Ritual

X-Mal Deutschland Schwarze Welt
P.I.L. The Order Of Death
Dead Can Dance Lilian Colours (Gothic Spleens)
Antony And The Johnsons Virgin Mary
Nature And Organization To You
Current 93 All The World Makes Great Blood
Ernte Stolze Herzen
Forseti Lichterflug
Sieben Deadly Nightshade
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Brother, My Cup Is Empty
Woven Hand Your Russia (Without Hands)
SPK Mekano
Grey Wolves Victory Through Violence
Genocide Organ White Power Forces

Death In June Punishment Initiation
Howden & Wakeford Leaves Of Life
Camerata Mediolanense L'Homme Armé
Hagalaz' Runedance On Wings Of Rapture
In Gowan Ring The Rolling Of The Stones
Gothart Maravillosos Miragres
Els Trobadors Tant M'abelis
Diamanda Galas This Is The Law Of The Plague
Einstürzende Neubauten Tanz Debil
Throbbing Gristle Something Came Over Me
Grim Frozen Limit
Propergol Justification Of Years
Sektion B The World Is On Fire
Current 93 Holy Holy Holy (For Dusa)