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...in order of appearance:

GaŽ Bolg And The Church Of Fand La Marche Des Morts
The Moon Lay Hidden "Novum"
Coil Ostia (The Death Of Pasolini)
Current 93 When The May Rain Comes
Dead Can Dance The Fatal Impact
Christian Death Stairs - Uncertain Journey
Fields Of The Nephilim Love Under Will
Dive Two Faced Man
November Növelet Misanthropy
NON Out Out Out
Throbbing Gristle Something Came Over Me
Der Blutharsch Pleasures Received In Pain #5
Deäth In Jüne The Snows Of The Enemy
Backworld Holy Fire
Sol Invictus Long Live Death
Bauhaus Hair Of The Dog
Joy Division Chance (Atmosphere)
Thomas Leer / Robert Rental Monochrome Days
SPK Contact
De Fabriek Leichenlinie #8
Genocide Organ White Power Forces
Test Dept. Gododdin 12"
Poeta Magica Morrigu's Song
Deäth In Jüne Blood Victory
Coil The Dark Age Of Love
Dead Can Dance Lilian Colours
Alien Sex Fiend My Brain Is In The Cupboard
Iggy Pop I Wanna Be Your Dog
Swans New Mind
Brighter Death Now Adipocere
Imminent Starvation Go On And Hang Him
Hypnoskull N.O.I.Z.E.
Mila Mar Mila
Boyd Rice People & Intolerance
Current 93 The Red Face Of God
The Moon Lay Hidden Yndalongg #B1
Changes Legends V
Psyche Brain Collapse
Front 242 Ethics
Die Form Slave Sex
Test Dept Fist
Grey Wolves Victory Through Violence
Grim Frozen Limit
Haus Arafna Maidenly Mortal Dread
Deutsch Nepal Dentist Environmental
Current 93 Ballad Of The Pale Girl
Blood Axis Bearer Of 10.000 Eyes / Lord Of Ages
Bearer Of The Inmost Sun Hail Jerusalem!
Oswald Kalenda Maya
Ensemble für frühe Musik Augsburg
(Oswald von Wolkenstein)
Vil lieber Grüsse süsse
Mystery Plane Curse Of The Bodysnatcher
Fields Of The Nephilim SlowKill
Sisters Of Mercy Adrenochrome
Cure Charlotte Sometimes
Genocide Organ Vive La Guerre
Dagda Mor M WW
Maria Zerfall Der Befehl
Kraftwerk Schaufensterpuppen
Soft Cell The Girl With The Patent Leather Face
Clan Of Xymox Stranger
Current 93 Hourglass For Diana
Deäth In Jüne The Death Of The West
Dead Can Dance Threshold
Siouxsie And The Banshees Trophy
P.I.L. The Order Of Death
Stranglers Nice'n Sleazy
Sonar Sonar
Haus Arafna Seven Murder
Club Moral Nazis Of The Night
Hazel O'Connor Big Brother
Depeche Mode New Life
Informatics Accidents In Paradise
Ideal Erschießen
Rheingold FanFanFanatisch
Deäth In Jüne All Alone In Her Nirvana
The Moon Lay Hidden / Hybryds Madhr #1
6 Comm Othila
Soft Cell Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
Fischer Z Marliese
David Bowie Helden
Cure A Forest
Alien Sex Fiend Stuff The Turkey
Soft Cell Sex Dwarf
Bollock Brothers Faith Healer
Sigue Sigue Sputnik Love Missile F1-11
Visage Fade To Grey
OMD Maid Of Orleans
Lale Andersen Lili Marleen
Edith Piaf Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien